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DLSLUG - Future Topics

A list of future proposed topics follows. Please volunteer to present one or suggest another.

  • SELinux. Who has done it. How does it work? The basics, the pitfalls.
  • Storage management, From LVM to RAID -- the current status of open tools for serious storage management. iSCSI, GFS, cluster file systems, etc.
  • Intrusion detection: snort, tripwire, alternatives.
  • Home Automation - Mr. House, etc.
  • VPN's: FreeSWAN, OpenSWAN, KAME - what's a kid to do?
  • Network backups: amanda, bacula, etc.
  • LDAP authentication and authorization. advantages, tools, gotchas.
  • The state of Distros: Fedora, Redhat Enterprise, SuSE/Novell, Debian, Gentoo, Mandrake - an overview of strengths, weaknesses, development paths, goals, etc.
  • Open-source monitoring: Nagios, et. al.