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DLSLUG - Mailing Lists

Main Lists

We have two main mailing lists, DLSLUG-Announce , for group announcements and DLSLUG-Discussion for general discussion. Please join one or both mailing lists. We won't cross-post to keep the traffic down.

SIG Lists

We have mailing lists for special interest groups as well.

List Rules

  • Be courteous
  • Stay on-topic
    • linux
    • open source
    • other unix
    • Internet
    • from a group member -or-
    • relevant specfically to the local area (these aren't catch-all lists for everybody to use who want to contact 'linux people' - go to a linux news site for that)
  • Neither the list software nor administrators can deal with challenge-response e-mail systems. Addresses that can't get their whitelists right will be set to 'nomail'.

Use of Verizon.net e-mail services to receive mail is discouraged. They've blacklisted this server at least twice, while no other ISP has. We choose not to jump through hoops for dysfunctional e-mail systems. There are many great alternatives.