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The books are kept at Venix Corp at 1 Court St. in Lebanon. Get in contact with Lloyd Kvam (603-653-8139) for hours or to arrange for special pickup or delivery options.

Terms for borrowing

  • Two-week loans, renewable if nobody else wants the book for up to three months.
  • You have to sign it out on the sign-out sheet.
  • If you're the first person to check out a book you have to post a review to the DLSLUG-discuss / GNHLUG-discuss mailing list. You are encouraged to post it to other websites as well.
  • You must be a member of DLSLUG or GNHLUG to check out a book. Subscribing to DLSLUG-Announce (or a GNHLUG announce list) and attending a meeting or participating in the DLSLUG-Discuss (or GNHLUG-discuss) mailing list makes you a member.
  • Lost or destroyed books must be replaced.
  • Not following these rules gets your borrowing privileges revoked.

Right Of Return (Contributions)

Our library has a unique property to it - it's something we call a 'Right of Return Library'.

Here's how it works:
  1. Gather those books that you don't ever look at (no obsolete books, thanks) and bring them to Lloyd's office. Write your name across the page edges or inside the front cover or somewhere easily identifiable.
  2. If you ever want the book back, come get it. Lloyd will remove it from the list of available books
That's it.

In the meantime, any of the DLSLUG or GNHLUG members are able to check them out according to the normal library rules. Any books that are significantly damaged will be replaced by the borrower (or else!) according to our normal library rules. We do expect these books to be used so the spine will likely be in somewhat worse shape than when you dropped it off if you ever want it back. But in the meantime the group members will have benefited from your generosity.

Please consider contributing a book or two (or more) to the cause.


Sign-Out Sheet PDF
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