[Python-talk] PySIG next week - 23 May 2013, 7:00PM, Manchester

Bill Sconce sconce at in-spec-inc.com
Fri May 17 17:18:04 EDT 2013

Time to get ready; be thinking of things Pythonic, and of what you've
been up to. Come prepared to share. (We're curious. :)

As promised, we're back in Manchester, and in spectacular new digs.
The fine folks at FIRST (Dean Kamen's youth-education outreach
organization) are being gracious enough to host us, and the facility
is almost beyond belief. Projector built in, lots of technology all
around, a worthy educational mission. Parking. And, of course,
facilities for eating cookies. (On order, TBA, probably at the
meeting, since I'm still without real e-mail.)

The last two meetings, jointly held at the Lawrence Library in
Pepperell, were successes, and we were grateful for the opportunity
to join Mark and Deb for their special springtime programs.

Now, for May 2013, once again: the mill-building complex in
Manchster, 7:00 PM, with a Beginners' Session at 6:30 PM. Only
a couple of blocks from our old digs so the directions from
"out there" will all be the same, with only the last couple
of turns being new. Directions to FIRST:


The important last part, the "FIRST Place", "immediately to your
right as you enter", is the place.

Bring stories. See you next Thursday!

Been_seeing_Python_everywhere late'ly yrs,

Bill and Ron and Bill

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