[Python-talk] Using Python to encode cassette recordings (David Beazely)

Bill Sconce sconce at in-spec-inc.com
Thu Sep 9 11:57:56 EDT 2010

From the Sometimes-We-Didn't-Even-Have-1s" Dept., a tour de force on
David Beazely's blog about encoding Kansas City Standard audio using
Python and Matplotlib. To drive a Superbooard II...you remember them,
don't you?

    "On many old machines, cassette output is encoded using something
    called the Kansas City Standard. It's a pretty simple encoding.
    A 0 is encoded as 4 cycles of a 1200 Hz sine wave and a 1 is 
    encoded as 8 cycles of a 2400 Hz sine wave. 
    "Python has a built-in module for reading WAV files. Combined with
    Matplotlib you can easily view the waveform.
      >>> import wave
      >>> [6 more lines of Python]
        Waveform plot (!)
      [...much more...no kidding...pix..."LOAD" on the Superboard II...]


P.S.  He ends with:
    "The power of Python never ceases to amaze me--once again a problem
    that seems like it might be hard is solved with a short script using
    nothing more than a single built-in library module and some basic
    data manipulation. Next on the agenda: A Python script to decode WAV
    files back into text files."

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