[Python-talk] PySIG - program for next month, September 2010: Django, presented by Bill Freeman

Bill Sconce sconce at in-spec-inc.com
Fri Aug 27 10:04:31 EDT 2010

Our PySIG program for September will be:

    presented by Bill Freeman

    23 September 2010 (4th Thursday)
    Start off Fall with better code.  Mark your calendar.  Be there!


django - The Web framework for perfectionsists with deadlines.
         Django makes it easier to build better Web apps more
         quickly and with less code.

    Developed four years ago by a fast-moving online-news
    operation, Django was designed to handle two challenges:
    the intensive deadlines of a newsroom and the stringent
    requirements of the experienced Web developers who
    wrote it. It lets you build high-performing, elegant Web
    applications quickly.

    Django focuses on automating as much as possible and
    adhering to the DRY(*) principle.

      (*) DRY - "Don't Repeat Yourself"
      But what exactly counts as duplication? CloneAndModifyProgramming
      is generally cited as the chief culprit (see OnceAndOnlyOnce, 
      etc.), but there is more to it than that. Whether in code, 
      architecture, requirements documents, or user documentation, 
      duplication of knowledge - not just text - is the real culprit. 

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