[Python-talk] Pyserial questions

Bruce Labitt bruce.labitt at myfairpoint.net
Fri Mar 6 08:41:38 EST 2009

In python under windows, is it possible to set up a timed event that 
sends a serial (binary) message to a device every 50ms and 
'simultaneously' reads a message (serial binary) data from the same 
device?  The receive data is about 55 bytes.

I have not played in this realm (controlled timing under windows) so I 
am not sure if it is hard or close to impossible.  On a micro with no 
OS, it is trivial.

How much oomph (real technical term there...) would be required to 
decode the received data and run a wx display giving a 'realtime' view?  
(I'm thinking of a couple of gauges and maybe a scrolling graph.)  I 
know it is an unfair question but I am trying to get a realistic 
perspective on my general approach. 


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