[Python-talk] Pysig meeting held June 25th at the ABU in Manchester

Alex Hewitt hewitt_tech at comcast.net
Sun Jun 28 11:04:08 EDT 2009

Eleven hardy souls attended the most disorganized Pysig meeting that I 
can remember. The reason for this is that I chaired the meeting without 
Bill's usual agenda and guidance ;^).

Still it was an enjoyable get together. Folks had an opportunity to 
compare notes, hold lot's of side discussions and were treated to an 
excellent presentation by Shawn O'Shea on his use of the Glade 
development environment to build a Redhat like system configuration menu 
for a work related project. Lloyd's arms grew at least a couple of 
inches as he brought in at least a dozen books from the library for the 
group to inspect.  Arc brought a number of "Official" Ubuntu 9.04 distro 
CDs and Ubuntu stickers to hand out. Arc also mentioned that he has been 
given a free pass  to the next PyCON (tbs) due to his participation in 
Python module maintenance. Although I thought we might discuss newly 
published Python books we really didn't get to it but it might have been 
due to many of us wolfing down Janet's cookies (thanks Janet!).


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