[Python-talk] Excel vs. SQLite w Python ?

Peter Courlis neat_gent at yahoo.com
Sun May 18 10:48:12 EDT 2008

python-talk at dlslug.org

I have a project that uses Excel for basic data management (several columns and 100 rows).
Since I add or update data each week, it gets to be time consuming
to manually add data to each individual cell that I want to
copy, change, create new data, etc... 

Last night I had a dream  about using SQLite to do the same thing,
then I could create a mini-GUI or generate "select Cmd Line entries" to
accomplish some of the general or redundant activities... 

Thinking further about this, I wondered if there was a Python module
that interfaces Excel (or perhaps Perl) ?

A third alternative would be to use MySql application.

But I have things formatted in Excel, so am relunctant to just
forge ahead and try something completely new (read: different).

Some how, I am stuck on the SQLite approach since each table 
would have a just a few columns, and only a few tables. Then,
I can add (Replicate) a table periodically, to add new accounts ...

1. Use Python to interface current Excel app(?)
2. Create and use an SQLite database (and PySQL?) and create basic GUI or
Cmd Line (generic) entries using "if then" logic (or perhaps via copy & paste) ?
3. Go to MySQL?
4. Learn Visual Basic to access Excel (don't think so ...)
5. Other ? 

So based on limited knowledge, what would you do?

Peter C


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