[Python-talk] Topic Idea

Kent Johnson kent37 at tds.net
Mon Mar 10 06:57:16 EDT 2008

You might also consider Django's ORM which can be used independently 
from the rest of the framework.

The TurboGears view of SA vs SO is here:

No, I'm not volunteering for the talk - I don't have real-world 
experience with any of the ORMs you mention.


Cole Tuininga wrote:
> Hey all - 
> I had an idea for a meeting topic, if anybody feels up to speaking on
> it.  :)  I'm getting ready to start a new project and one of the things
> I'm going to need to make a decision on is an ORM.  Can/will anybody
> speak on differences/strengths/weaknesses of some of the various Python
> ORMs that are out there?  Of particular interest to me are:
> SQLAlchemy (http://www.sqlalchemy.org/)
> SQLObject (http://www.sqlobject.org/
> Storm (http://storm.canonical.com)
> Yet Another Python ORM (http://pyorm.superjared.com/)

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