[Python-talk] Jacob Kaplan-Moss podcast interview

Ted Roche tedroche at tedroche.com
Thu Jul 31 08:59:02 EDT 2008

On the TWIT.tv site, in their FLOSS [1] weekly podcast, Jacob 
Kaplan-Moss [2] is interviewed about the origins and design of the 
Django project [3] by famed Perl guru Randal Schwartz while both 
recently attended OSCON.

Sadly, the audio seems to only be available in encumbered MP3.

Read about the episode and download the MP3 at:

[1] http://www.twit.tv/FLOSS
[2] http://www.jacobian.org
[3] http://www.djangoproject.com


Ted Roche
Ted Roche & Associates, LLC

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