[Python-talk] Ray unable to present this evening.

Bill Sconce sconce at in-spec-inc.com
Thu Jul 24 12:41:42 EDT 2008

On Thu, 24 Jul 2008 10:41:54 -0400
Ray Cote <rgacote at AppropriateSolutions.com> wrote:

> Dear Group:
> Unfortunately, a conflict has arisen and I'm unable to attend 
> tonight's Python meeting.
> Thus, my presentation on Yahoo's BOSS (Build your Own Search Service) 
> will be delayed.

We understand.  There's no one in THIS group immune to or unaware of
those tempi discombobulae problems...   :)

That said, tonight's cookies are special.  Calorie-free peanut-butter
cookies (no flour), two flavors of fruit topping,...  good for munching
while we discuss the new Django book.  And ignore data types. 

OK_so_I_lied_about_calorie_free'ly yrs,


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