[Python-talk] Django tutorial issues.

Kent Johnson kent37 at tds.net
Sat Jun 23 21:39:39 EDT 2007

Bill Freeman wrote:
> Has anyone gone through the django tutorial?
> How about on django 0.95 (0.95.1 being what's available via apt on ubuntu feisty
> fawn)?

Django is pure python and easy as py to install from svn, if you want 
bleeding edge, or from the tgz if you want 0.96. Just download/unpack 
the files and run
   python setup.py install

> It all works as advertised, even though I was reading the version of the tutorial
> for the subversion release, rather than for 0.95, until the very last stuff on
> the fourth and final page of the turorial, and even most of that is good.  The
> url to pass to HttpResponseRedirect(), however, is an issue.  The tutorial (even
> the 0.95 version of the tutorial, unless I mis-read it) is silent on fixing this
> up.  reverse() can't deal with the missing results() view function as a basis for
> figuring out the url, and I can't blame it.
> If I hard the url as:
>      '/polls/%d/results/' % p.id
> everything works.  But that's putting an absolute path into the code, so it
> wouldn't "plug in" elsewhere without modification.

That is the url shown in the 0.96 and 0.95 tutorials section 4.

> It seems that the named pattern stuff (fourth member of the url dispatch tuple
> in */urls.py) is the ideal way to fix this, since the reverse() doc says that
> it can take one of those.  But these aren't supported in 0.95, or even 0.96.
> They are new in the subversion release.
> I'm considering raising a ticket against the 0.95 (and maybe 0.96) version(s)
> of the tutorial, but I figured that I'd troll the sig first (I don't see a
> django mailing list on the django site), and embarrass myself among friends
> first.

I'm not sure what the issue is? The svn tutorial uses a feature not in 
0.95 and doesn't work on 0.95, but the 0.95 tutorial seems to be written 
without that feature.

There are a very active Google group and IRC channel for Django if you 
want to embarass yourself in a larger venue ;)
http://groups.google.com/group/django-users or 
gmane.comp.python.django.user on news.gmane.org

Listed on the "Community" page:


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