[Python-talk] Two weeks 'til PySIG

Kent Johnson kent37 at tds.net
Sun Jun 17 13:49:26 EDT 2007

Bill Sconce wrote:
> Next meeting is the 28th.  (Fair warning.)  Request for cookies
> is in; request for reports from today's Django affair has been
> submitted to some PySIG'ers (you know who you are); hopes are
> up for another installment of Kent's Korner.

I'm planning to talk a little about the tools I use to create my 
handouts (Firedrop2 and reStructured Text). They are Python tools and 
very handy for this use.

> Main program has not been decided, however.  Bill stands ready
> to do Part II of Python Data Types;  suggestion would be for
> volunteers from this list to offer something else while Bill is
> away at FOSSED.

I'm still eager to do a Django presentation but not this month...

> Maybe Alex will report on what it's like to downgrade to Java...  :)

It's painful. My take on going the other way is here - though it could 
use a rewrite:


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