[Python-talk] Roses update - new images and a simple PyChart version

Ric Werme ewerme at comcast.net
Mon Jun 4 10:32:26 EDT 2007

I've made some significant improvements to my
http://wermenh.com/roses/index.html page.  It now features a couple
dozen images of roses to help show how you go from a simple but
attractive curve to something really neat.

I've also added links to

1) my original Python roses program that used tkinter,
2) a new version that uses tkinter and clroses.py,
3) another new program that uses PyChart and clroses.py.

I used 3) to create the new images on the main page.

I decided to barge ahead and write the PyChart version now instead of
waiting for a PySig talk on it.  There's not much to using it for simple
stuff, in fact, the meat is:

  if not filename:
      filename = 'rose%dx%d.png' % (style, petal)
  can = canvas.init(filename)
  thin_line = line_style.T(width = .1)
  white_line = line_style.T(color = color.white)

  # Many images don't reach (x,y) = (-1,0), and PyChart or GhostView seems to
  # want to "optimize" the image area.  The following seems to force things to
  # display the whole domain.
  can.rectangle(white_line, None, 0, 0, width, width, shadow=None)

  # Complains about pcroses options: theme.get_options()

  # There are many links between clroses and the application, but we
  # need none of them, so we can use clroses directly.
  rose = clroses.rose()
  upoints = rose.rose(style, petal, vectors)
  spoints = rose.rescale(upoints, (0, 0), width/2)

  ar = area.T(x_range=(-width/2, width/2), size = (width, width),
	      y_range=(-width/2, width/2), y_grid_style = None, legend = None)

  plot = line_plot.T(data=spoints, ycol=1, line_style=thin_line)

  # Draw everything

This does not mean I'm qualified to talk about PyChart, but given that I'm
barely qualified to talk about wxPython, that's not surprising.

       -Ric Werme

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