[Python-talk] PySIG next week

Bill Sconce sconce at in-spec-inc.com
Thu Jul 19 09:52:39 EDT 2007

Summer doldrums?

Not for PySIG!

Next week has 4th Thursday in it, and 4th Thursday has
PySIG in it, at ABI.  Agenda to follow, but we've lined
up our own Alex Hewitt to tell us about pexpect, and
what to expect when you're the first in your shop to
know about Python.  (Hint: expect that folks will think
you're a wizard...)

Also, we have hopes that there shall be an exciting new
Kent's Korner, that someone will be able to find what Bill
did wrong in his latest "favorite gotcha", and that there
will be enough other things to talk about to keep Bill from
doing his "Data Types II" presentation.  And of course,
there'll be un-cake, to celebrate the un-birthday(*)...

Next Thursday, the 26th July, at Amoskeag Business
Incubator, Manchester!


(*) We don't fully understand how that happened.  Lewis
Carroll DOES seem Pythonic, though...

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