[Python-talk] Can python program read index.jsp web page?

Kent Johnson kent37 at tds.net
Fri Aug 10 00:24:04 EDT 2007

Alex Hewitt wrote:
> At work we have applications written in Java that are accessed from a
> web browser. Many of the pages have names like index.jsp which I believe
> are Java servlets.

JSP is Java Server Pages which is a Java-based template language for web 
page generation.

> Can a Python program read these pages? I tried
> accessing them using urllib but no joy. 

Should be able to. It's just text on the wire after all. What did you 
try? What happened?

> It may be that there is some
> kind of user authentication going on under the covers but I don't get a
> prompt from urllib as I would when I access my Linksys router's built-in
> web server. When you access the Linksys router's web interface urllib
> pops up a dialog box requesting your username/password. 

What happens when you go to the page in the browser? Is there any kind 
of authentication? What headers & status do you get from
curl -i http://my.server.com/index.jsp

> My motive in
> doing this is to use a Python program to exercise some of the
> application functions but I can't do that if I can't read the pages in
> the first place.

You should be able to read the web page from Python. urllib2 is a bit 
more flexible than urllib. You might also be interested in mechanize:

> One other thing, when some of the pages do come up in
> Firefox or Internet Explorer, the java console starts in the background.

Well that could be a deal killer, if the functionality of the page is 
implemented in Java applets you can't touch that from Python except 
maybe with GUI automation stuff - push this button, click this...


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