[Python-talk] PySIG this Thursday -- Bytecode Disassembly/Assembly; Turbogears

Bill Sconce sconce at in-spec-inc.com
Mon Sep 25 08:59:22 EDT 2006

              Bytecode Disasembly; Turbogears; Cookies & Milk

            PySIG -- New Hampshire Python Special Interest Group
                 Amoskeag Business Incubator, Manchester, NH
                      28 September 2006  (4th Thursday)
                                   7:00 PM
  PySIG meetings are seminar-style, hands on.  Laptop-friendly: 'Net access,
  wired + wireless.  Python questions, war stories, examples always welcome.
           Everyone is welcome.  Free of charge.  Free of braces.

                          28 September 2006  (Thursday)

7:00 PM     Introductions  --Bill & Ted & Alex
            Milk & Cookies  --Ben, Janet

7:10 PM     Happenings & Announcements
            Python 2.5 Released!
            Hosstraders 5-6 October, Hopkinton

7:15 PM     Anyone's question(s) about Python
            Python Module of the Month
            Favorite-Python-Gotcha contest
            Topics for future meetings

7:30 PM     Bytecode Disassembly & Reassembly
            Bill Sconce, In Spec, Inc., Milford NH
            Bill: "An August announcement on python-announce-list caught
            my eye -- a bytecode assembler/dissassembler for Python.
            Because I spent one of my former lives as project leader for
            a bytecode/stack-pseudomachine, JIT-compiled, commercial
            language I thought it'd be fun and instructive to poke into 
            Python's pseudomachine.  It was and is.  This easy-to-use 
            tool makes it easy for anyone to get a start looking at
            Python internals."
            Bill Sconce is co-founder and chief cookie-procurer at PySIG,
            teaches Python, and writes in Python as often as he can.
8:10 PM     TurboGears
            Lloyd Kvam, Venix Corp, Lebanon NH
            Lloyd: "I am impressed with the TurboGears (TG) approach to
            combining data and templates.  They have a 20 minute tutorial
            that took me an hour - I insist on trying to understand how 
            the magic is done.  TG has a very ingenious use of decorators 
            to link templates and data.

            "The result is very different from Myghty which is much more
            like PHP with lots of snippets that get combined any which way
            you like.

            "I am not sure I really understand all of the tradeoffs between
            the TG and Myghty approaches.  That could lead to some 
            interesting discussion."
            Lloyd Kvam is a charter member of PySIG and has given a number
            of Python tutorials at PySIG and elsewhere.

PySIG NH meetings are held at the Amoskeag Business Incubator,
33 South Commercial Street, Manchester, NH.

Directions (for those coming in to Manchester using I-293):

>>> Coming from the north...  use Exit 6 from I-293.  Don't go around & over
at the exit, but bear as straight as possible to the stop sign.

At the stop sign turn left (south).  A Hospital sign points to the south.
There are several service stations, and a Dunkin across from them.  Follow
this street south all the way to Granite Street.

(You're following one street, but it has several names:  Eddy Road first;
eventually it becomes Main Street.)  It goes by Catholic Medical Center.

At Granite Street there's a second Dunkin opposite.
Turn left (east).

>>> Coming from the south... use the Granite Street exit.  
Turn right (east).

On Granite Street go under I-293 and across the Merrimack River.

First right after crossing the bridge is Commercial Street:  turn right

Go past one parking-lot entrance, turn (right) into the second one.
33 Commercial Street will be right in front of you.  There's also
a sign for the Starfish Grill.  You may go in via either the ramp or
the door and three steps inside.

Inside.  Up the stairs if via the door.  Go through the glass doors -
follow the diamonds on the floor.  Go left at the last diamond.  
(Under a sign which says "<- Amoskeag Small Bus. Incubator").

More diamonds, another sign...  much glass and office space for SNHU;
turn left there, 4 more diamonds and you're at the glass doors for the
Incubator.  An "abi" sign is above.

Through the doors, straight down the hall.  The ABI Conference Room
is on the left.

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