[Python-talk] A Pythonic chuckle

Bill Sconce sconce at in-spec-inc.com
Thu Sep 7 11:45:34 EDT 2006

You may have seen this.  If not...

Python's development philosophy includes giving priority to not breaking
existing code.  When, for instance, adding generators to the language
required inventing a new keyword ("yield"), a couple of releases were
allocated to allowing time for a transition.  The first iteration was
to ALLOW the new keyword, and in a subsequent release it was formally
reserved, and now it's part of the language.  During that first iteration
you told Python that you wanted to allow the new keyword by

    from __future__ import generators

It still works, of course, although in modern releases of Python it's
a no-op.

A more recent example,

    from __future__ import division

provided for rearranging the division operators for truncating vs. 
real-number division.

Have you tried this, though?

    from __future__ import braces

That's_a_relief'ly yrs,


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