[Python-talk] Python advocacy help

Kent Johnson kent37 at tds.net
Thu Oct 5 09:54:37 EDT 2006

Cole Tuininga wrote:
> Hey all -
> At my day job, we're getting ready to begin work on a large new project.
> Our development group's core competency at this point is in perl, but
> nothing is completely off the table.
> I'm in the process of making the argument that, even with the lead time
> to learn Python (I'm the only member of the group with Python
> experience) that it would be a more productive and preferable language.
> Anybody have some favorite advocacy site/data/whatever that I could use
> to help my cause?  Things that specifically compare perl and Python are
> the most helpful, but any Python advocacy info is great.

Eric Raymond's story of switching from Perl to Python is good reading:

Bruce Eckel's "Why I Love Python" presentation makes a lot of good 
points. He mostly contrasts to Java and C++ but there are a few digs at 
Perl along the way and what he says about Python is true in any event.

This site is focused on migrating from C++ to Python or Perl; it 
compares quite a few constructs in Python and Perl:

Success stories:

My understanding is that Perl flounders a bit on large projects. Maybe 
your team has some experience with this. Python's clear support for 
object-oriented programming and simple package system makes it 
well-suited for large projects.

Good luck,

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