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Thu Oct 5 08:41:00 EDT 2006

On Thu, 2006-10-05 at 07:37 -0400, Cole Tuininga wrote:
> Hey all -
> At my day job, we're getting ready to begin work on a large new project.
> Our development group's core competency at this point is in perl, but
> nothing is completely off the table.
> I'm in the process of making the argument that, even with the lead time
> to learn Python (I'm the only member of the group with Python
> experience) that it would be a more productive and preferable language.
> Anybody have some favorite advocacy site/data/whatever that I could use
> to help my cause?  Things that specifically compare perl and Python are
> the most helpful, but any Python advocacy info is great.

lots of links, you may have found this already.

(compares python 1.5.2 to perl 5.005.  Perl wizards have no trouble
dealing with the issues he raises, but achieving wizard-hood is not so

side by side snippets of code.  Many (most?) of these are translations
of Perl to Python.  This usually favors the source language since the
source language assumptions get built into the spec that underlies the

I am far from being a Perl wizard, but to me Python's real edge is in
the ease of creating and organizing modules and libraries.  Obviously
people *do* create Perl modules and libraries, but I find the mechanics
far more difficult to get right.  For a large project I would think
modularity is Python's key advantage.

> Many thanks!

Lloyd Kvam
Venix Corp

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