[Python-talk] Python meeting - next week! 7:00 PM Thursday 22 September, Manchester

Bill Sconce sconce at in-spec-inc.com
Thu Sep 15 15:22:00 EDT 2005

How time flies!  Leaves turning, school started... time for another
PySIG meeting.

Our guest speaker this month will be our own Lloyd Kvam, who knows
something about Functional Programming.  (Come to the meeting and
you will too.  :)  Lloyd will tell us what Functional Progamming is,
how it influenced (and influences) the design of Python, how it
influences the way we build our Python programs, whether we know it
or not, - and how experience wity Python has changed Guido's ideas
about what's valuable in Functional Programming.  (And how Guido
himself now sees Python changing now that we have experience in
Functional Programming as illuminated by the Python Way.)  Lloyd
will give us practical examples.

(All this is what Bill understands about Functional Programming.  All
Bill's actually sure of is that "lambda" is involved, and he can't
even spell that reproducibly...  :)

Tentative agenda:

    o Welcome & introductions  - Bill & Ted & Alex

    o Python questions??     (All)

    o Python happenings:  recent announcements, success stories, books,
      gatherings, Software Freedom Day  (All)

    o Short topic I:  Driving OpenOffice with Python   (Bill)


    o Presentation:  Functional Programming and Python   (Lloyd)
    o Planning for future sessions & workshops

-Bill & Lloyd & Ted & Alex 

ABI's directions are at:

Bill's version, for those coming from the north...  use Exit 6 from I-293.
Don't go around & over at the exit, but bear  straight to the stop sign.

At the stop sign turn left (south).  A Hospital sign points to the south.
There are several service stations, and a Dunkin across from them.  Follow
this street south all the way to Granite Street.

(It's one street, but it has several names:  Eddy Road first I think;
eventually it becomes Main Street.)  It goes by Catholic Medical Center.

Turn left (east) at Granite Street.  (There's a second Dunkin opposite.)

Go under I-293 and across the Merrimack River.

First right after crossing the bridge is Commercial Street:  turn right

Go past one parking-lot entrance, turn (right) into the second one.
33 Commercial Street will be right in front of you.  There's also
a sign for the Starfish Grill.  Go in either via the ramp or the

Inside.  Up the stairs if via the door.  Ramp is up already.  Go through
the glass doors - follow the diamonds on the floor.  Go left at the last
diamond.  (Under a sign which says "<- Amoskeag Small Bus. Incubator").

More diamonds, another sign...  BIG sign for Furniture Warehouse,
turn left there, 4 more diamonds and youre at the glass doors
for the Incubator.  An "abi" sign is above.

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