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This is from a Tech Coord in NH. I thought one of the fine folks on this list might have a solution or ideas for solutions to share.



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> Date: February 18, 2010 8:43:36 AM EST
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> Subject: [Techcoord] linux q's from a student
> I have an 8th grade student who is working on an Ubuntu Server for me.  His task is to get our Ubuntu netbooks (Dell Mini 9’s) to authenticate with the server so that students can log into any of the netbooks under their username; to have shared home folders for the students; and to set up shared printers for the students.  We are NOT concerned with Active Directory integration for these netbooks at this time.
> Here is his description of the problems he is encountering.  He feels like he cannot move further at this time.  Can anyone provide some guidance to him?
> The NIS client on the netbooks does not start until you login to the machine. Without the NIS client, you can only login as a local user. Once you are logged in, the NIS client fires up. Now, you can logout and log back in as a domain user. The clients can connect, but the netbooks don’t start any form of networking until a local user logs in.
> The NIS client will not create the domain user’s home directory if it does not exist. It must be created manually on each netbook. Otherwise the domain user can’t log in. I can see no other solution to this except manually creating every user.
> Any user must own his home directory in order to log in. If the directories are mounted before the user is logged in, then the root owns the directory, not the user. This prevents the user from logging into the netbooks. Again, the only solution I see is to manually create the users on every netbook.
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