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I didn't want to say this in my first book review (these points sound a bit dogmatic and
controversial), but that is why Leo Laporte and Robin Miller are promoting Linux (especially their
distro: Simply MEMPIS).

These authors argue that if a few more Windows users become Linux users, then malware authors
would need to write for Linux as well as Windows in order to stay effective. For hobbyist such as
me, that's okay. I bet that's a tough sell in the corporate world. Try advocating that to
overworked and unbudgeted IT departments. They don't want variety; they want simplicity.

Some Linux advocates would also argue that malware authors would need to contend with Linux where
MOST applications are designed to work reasonably well w/o admin or root access. That minimizes
the threat that bugs in Konqueror or bash would pose if those programs don't run as root. 

(I confess, I'm kinda fond of the Windows XP "system restore" feature. I kinda wish that Fedora
had a similar feature that I could use before and after I do something important as "root". That
way if I misconfigure my system, I could reverse the process w/o reinstalling Fedora. I guess the
RPM uninstall feature is okay and I can't expect Linus, GNU, and RedHat to protect me against
MYSELF. I guess I just need to read the man pages carefully and backup all important documents
including config files. lol...)


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> http://www.usenix.org/publications/login/2005-12/openpdfs/geer.pdf
> It was mentioned in Bruce Schneier's monthly newsletter.
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