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DLSLUG - Mailing Lists

Main Lists

We have two main mailing lists, DLSLUG-Announce , for group announcements and DLSLUG-Discussion for general discussion. Please join one or both mailing lists. We won't cross-post to keep the traffic down.

Sponsors List

DLSLUG has some sponsors who provide discounts and newsletters to the LUG. If you'd like to receive these, please sign up for the DLSLUG-Sponsors list.

SIG Lists

We have mailing lists for special interest groups as well.

List Rules

  • Be courteous
  • Stay on-topic
    • linux
    • open source
    • other unix
    • Internet
    • from a group member -or-
    • relevant specfically to the local area (these aren't catch-all lists for everybody to use who want to contact 'linux people' - go to a linux news site for that)
  • Neither the list software nor administrators can deal with challenge-response e-mail systems. Addresses that can't get their whitelists right will be set to 'nomail'.

Use of Verizon.net e-mail services to receive mail is discouraged. They've blacklisted this server at least twice, while no other ISP has. We choose not to jump through hoops for dysfunctional e-mail systems. There are many great alternatives.